How Much Do You Know About Hunter Douglas Window Coverings?

Hunter Douglas is the manufacturer of many styles of high-end custom window treatments. Indulging yourself in their gorgeous shades, sheers, panels, and louvers can fill your home with unmatched style and ambiance. By choosing fine Hunter Douglas Window treatments, your taste and personality will be apparent to all who enjoy your very special home.

You will find that Hunter Douglas window fashions come in collections much like couture clothing. The Alustra collection is a diverse combination of elegant, custom window shades, sheers and blinds. Nowhere else will you find the sumptuous fabrics and exquisite details that are an integral part of the Alustra collection.

Window shadings in the Silhouette collection provide the perfect amount of shading to the décor of any room. Just enough light is allowed to filter through the special fabrics which Silhouette 안전토토사이트 shades are made of. Silhouette shades are built with discretion in mind. If you want to hide them completely, there is a compartment at the top of the shades where you can do so. They can also be raised and lowered to completely cover a window or to uncover whatever part of the window you wish to leave open.

Silhouette window shadings can be raised, lowered, and tilted using the same single cord. Hunter Douglas has taken care that their shades are safer for children and pets by its use of a continuous cord loop system and remote controls for raising and lowering them.

Honeycomb shades are available in both vertical and horizontal styles. There are both vertical shades and side-to-side gliding shades that you can purchase depending on your application. Horizontal blinds are made so that you can drop the top down or raise the bottom up which gives you the option of allow light into a room and still maintain your privacy.

You can get a custom shutter system from Hunter Douglas that will cover any size window or door. They have three different lines of shutters available: Heritance hardwood shutters, Palm Beach polysatin shutters, and New Style hybrid shutters. With any of these custom styles you’ll find only the highest degree of craftsmanship, versatility, and performance, traits which Hunter Douglas products are famous for. With the custom shutter collection, you are able to close them to a point where they filter out 100% of the light This capability guarantees maximum privacy for your family.

To further customize your window treatments, Hunter Douglas offers a number of different hidden operating systems which include the open bypass system, the bi-fold track system, and the bypass rack system.

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