FDA FALCPA Labeling Part 1 & Part 2

FDA FALCPA Labeling Part 1
Declaration of major food allergens on food labels complying with FALCPA

FALCPA requires food manufacturers to label food products that are made with an ingredient that is a major food allergen in one of the following two ways:

Are single ingredient foods that are major food allergens required to comply with FALCPA?

Single ingredient foods must comply with the allergen declaration requirements in Section 403(w)(1). A single ingredient food that is, or contains protein derived from milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, or soybeans, may identify the food source in the name of the food (e.g., “all-purpose wheat flour”) or use the “Contains” statement format.

FDA recommends that if a “Contains” statement 먹튀검증 format is used, the statement be placed immediately above the manufacturer, packer, or distributor statement. For single ingredient foods intended for further manufacturing where the “Contains” statement format is used, the statement should be placed on the PDP of the food.

With so many regulations and guidelines it becomes practically difficult to design packaging labels that comply with all standards. The means of verification and proof reading is cumbersome, tedious and time consuming and most importantly the manual methods are not fool proof.

The need is for an automated proofing cum approval system which can take care of all these verifications in a precise manner.

FDA FALCPA Labeling Part 2

May a “Contains” statement on a food label provided in accordance with FALCPA list only the names of the food sources of the major food allergens that are not already identified in the ingredient list for a packaged food?
If a “Contains” statement is used on a food label, the statement must include the names of the food sources of all major food allergens used as ingredients in the packaged food. For example, if “sodium caseinate,” “whey,” “egg yolks,” and “natural peanut flavor” are declared in a product’s ingredients list, any “Contains” statement appearing on the label immediately after or adjacent to that statement is required to identify all three sources of the major food allergens present (e.g., “Contains milk, egg, peanuts”) in the same type (i.e., print or font) size as that used for the ingredient list.

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