Run Your Home Security Lighting For Less With LED Garden Wall Lights

LED lighting, whether LED garden wall lights or LED interior lights, is the future of home illumination, fact And, with the necessary nod towards the garden wall lights that are the subject of this article, here’s why:

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  • For their directional capabilities, there is nothing to beat LED lighting; the light goes exactly where you direct it and nowhere else. This is a particular advantage when thinking of garden lighting, it means that you are far less likely to annoy your neighbours with scattered light.
  • For environmental friendliness, once again, LED are top of the tree. All other forms of artificial lighting contain traces of mercury, a highly toxic heavy metal. LED lighting contains nothing that will harm the environment, or you.
  • For life length, LED once again comes out on top. The current useful life of white LED lamps is 100,000 hours. This equates to an easier to imagine 11 years of continuous or 44 years at six hours per day.
  • Now the biggie, economy of use. A properly installed LED system operates at 80% efficiency, compared to the 20% efficiency of a traditional lighting system. What this means is that, for every £100 you spend on powering your lights, you will get £80 worth of light with LEDs and £20 worth of light with traditional lights. The remainder of the energy is lost as heat.
  • Inside your house, at least that heat goes towards reducing your heating costs but outside you are effectively paying to heat the air. Add to this the fact that you are unlikely to replace your LED lamps for many years and you are quids in on all sides of the equation.
  • There is a downside, there is always a downside and, with LED lights that is the initial cost of the bulbs. However if you set that initial cost against the very reduced running and replacement costs you are, once again, quids in.
  • LED wall lamps are spectacularly well suited for garden safety and the best advice is to put some type of light fitting wherever garden hazards occur, split levels, steps, uneven paving, trailing cables, these are all hazards that should be illuminated.

You have a responsibility to your family and friends to ensure garden hazards are well illuminated; choose to do that with LED garden wall lights and it won’t cost you the earth, literally or figuratively.

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