How to Find the Best Suppliers for Your China Based Logistics Needs

For many people starting an internet marketing business, the idea of hiring a reselling company would be a dream come true. Not only does one get to keep all the profits from the resale, but also gets to develop an online business quickly and more efficiently. However, there is one big problem with this plan – reselling is very competitive in today’s market. In order to be successful in selling items online, you need to find a reliable and reputable wholesale distributor as well as get a good product.

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So those who are looking at launching an internet business are aiming at 90-95 days (often considerably less depending on the niche and product development stages) from starting of the project till delivery. So, if you don’t want to monitor the whole process but instead wish to concentrate on developing and expanding your online business it makes much sense to hire a sourcing company for logistics. There are two major benefits of using a logistics provider:

One major advantage is that you have a clear view of what you need. If you are an entrepreneur just starting out in China India manufacturing, for example, then sourcing from a reliable and credible wholesaler or drop shipper could prove extremely helpful since you will get an insight into how the Chinese business model works. You will probably start off by sourcing small quantities of products. As the business grows, you may want to source larger amounts of goods.

Another advantage of using a sourcing company that operates in China is the opportunity to learn the language. Unlike sourcing from USA or other European countries, foreign-speaking clients in China often communicate in English. This can make it easier for you to understand their demands and requirements. Many Chinese wholesalers and suppliers also speak English, so the chances of understanding and communicating with them increase greatly. You may even find that they understand your queries and needs even better than you do. In this respect, working with a Chinese sourcing company is like outsourcing your middleman and thus, you are spared from all the problems related to language translation.

Cost savings is yet another major advantage of outsourcing your logistics needs to China based sourcing companies. You can save thousands of dollars per month by employing Chinese labour. This is because in China, working hours are very short and so employees can be hired to make your operations run smoothly. Also, since the working hours in China are generally a couple of hours late compared to regular working hours in Europe, you can make significant savings in transportation and lodging costs.

The best part about working with a Chinese sourcing agent is that you get direct access to a huge network of distributors and suppliers. Unlike sourcing companies based in Europe or America, Chinese distributors and suppliers will not shy away from giving you the best prices and quality of products. They simply have too many customers! All you have to do is look for reliable Chinese wholesalers or suppliers who offer high quality products at competitive prices, keep track of their progress on a timely basis and you will be able to find your ideal partners for your China-based logistics needs.

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