Dried Foods – A Trendy Diet

Dry foods, also known as desiccated foods or post-date foods, are products that have been processed to remove water from their surface but retain their nutritional value and taste. The moisture content of dried foods will be determined by the nature of the dryer used. In most cases, dry foods have a higher moisture content than fresh foods because the process removes the water from the food’s surface. These products are commonly stored in dry ice refrigerators, outdoor dehumidifiers, dry ice machines, and drying racks. They are commonly consumed within 24 hours of purchase and are best stored in a cool, dry place.

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Dehydrated post-date foods are stored in airtight containers. Food drying is a means of food preservation, where food is dried to a minimum moisture level. Drying slows the growth of mold, yeasts, bacteria, and yeasty molds through the elimination of water present in the food. Food that is used for medical treatment such as pills, capsules, syrups, ointments, suppositories, etc. are dried for long periods of time. Dried fruits, dried vegetables, dried meats, dried fish products, dried herbs, dried fruits, and dried nuts are some examples of dried foods.

Aside from the well-known health benefits of dried foods, they are said to provide more nutrients compared to their fresh counterpart. Because of this, it is common practice to include dried fruit in a nutritious breakfast or snack. Aside from its high fiber content and lack of water, dried fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Some examples of vitamins found in dried fruits are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5, and vitamin E. Aside from the nutrients provided, dried food products also preserve their nutritional value, unlike fresh vegetables or fruits that lose more nutrients with time.

Dried foods are also cheaper than fresh foods. It is because most dried foods are preserved using heat. Heat can reduce moisture content in many foods. When food is dried using heat, moisture is reduced up to 50 percent and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are preserved. This makes them more economical in terms of cost kingfoods russia.

There are different ways on how to preserve dried foods. One way is to store them in air-tight containers so that moisture will not be lost. Another method is to dry them in dark areas where there is little or no sunlight such as rooms with air-conditioning systems, light-colored rooms, and basements.

It is a fact that dried foods have become more popular especially among health-conscious people. It is one of the effective ways to prepare nutritious and delicious meals in a convenient manner. The process of drying vegetables, fruits, meat, or fish is very easy. Dried food preservation has become a trend nowadays. But before you start this process, be sure that the foods that you are going to store in the dryer will still remain good after being dried.

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