Causes of Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

A vaginal yeast infection, also called vaginal candida is a fungal infection that develops inside of the vagina. Natural microorganisms in the vagina decrease the growth of candida, unless an infection occurs. An increased amount of fungi in this area, will eventually develop into a yeast infection. Nearly 75% of women will experience this condition.

Pregnant women are also included in this group. Yeast infection during pregnancy, can be extremely uncomfortable. Since women going through this life changing process are already susceptible for various other ailments, yeast infections often occur. Finding ways to combat this infection while pregnant can be tricky.

One reason, why yeast infection during pregnancy is so difficult to treat, is because remedies must be found that are safe for both mother and child. Most topical creams are highly medicated and cannot be used to treat yeast infection during pregnancy. Often expectant mothers have to find alternate remedies for their condition.

One of the symptoms of yeast infection keravita pro during pregnancy, is a burning sensation while one is urinating. This can present two problems for pregnant women. One is the burning itself, since both creams and pills are not an option. Finding a cure for this symptom, doesn’t have to be complex. One natural remedy is a herbal cream.

Herbal creams for yeast infection during pregnancy can be just as effective as the medicated versions. Since urination is connected to the trigger of this symptom, pregnant women are going to be even more vulnerable. With the pressure, carrying a baby places on their bladders, controlling urination is not possible.

Women, who are expecting, experience a number of things simply by nature of being pregnant. They go through extreme emotional, physical, and psychological changes, all of which effect the development of yeast infections. Emotionally, women experience a lot of stress throughout their pregnancy. And because of constant hormonal fluctuations, their emotions get even more sensitive.

Pregnant women will gain weight during each month of their pregnancy. Excessive weight has been correlated to the cause of yeast infection. So, through no fault of her own, an expectant mother will more than likely develop a yeast infection. This physical change put their bodies under conditions that produce moisture regularly in the vaginal area, which also increases chances.

Another physical reason why pregnant women get these vaginal infections, is because of food cravings. Often the foods they desire are less than healthy. Some of them could even encourage the production of fungi. So, these women have a few variables that almost ensure their yeast infections will come.

Psychological causes are related to the emotional changes of pregnant women. Experiencing high stress or depression can reduce one’s immune system. But women in this condition already have a stretched immune system to compensate for their babies.

It’s important to find ways to treat yeast infections that don’t require any risk to mother or child. Supplements, and dietary changes can be the exact things to implement to combat this ailment. These along with meditation are known to benefit both the body and emotions which promote recovery from yeast infections.

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