How To Sell Your Car Fast – Taking Advantage Of The Seasons

Did you know that every February and March, there’s a virtual feeding frenzy for vehicles under $3000? What I mean is buyers sweep the car lots bare of these lower priced cars and trucks. You’d almost think that it was national cheap car month. It actually is, in a very real way…

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According to, the average individual refund amount for Tax Year 2008, was $2,902.

People will nearly stand in line to get a clean under $3000 dollar vehicle when they get their tax refunds. It’s not only cheap vehicles that sell quickly. Larger families with lower income can get $5000, $6000, $7000 or more back!

Remember, high demand means more less haggling and more money for you! If you want to sell your car fast, you can take advantage of knowing things like this, and many other seasonal happenings จำนำรถยนต์.

There are “best” times to sell all sorts of vehicles:

• Sell your Four Wheel Drive just after the first substantial snowstorm of the year.
• Sell your Sports Car just before spring hits full stride.
• Put your Classic Car up for sale just before a car show in your area.
• Did a large company in your town just payout nice bonuses or hire a bunch of new people? Yep, good time to sell your car. Put a flyer up in their break room!
• Alaskans get their Permanent Fund Dividends in early October, that’s a GREAT time to sell! If you live in Alaska…
• Pay attention to automotive news, a favorable news piece for just about any car can produce a temporary spike in sales.

These are just a few examples of taking advantage of seasonal factors. With a little creativity, you can probably thing of something you can tie into, no matter where you live.

Anytime you have more people in the area than usual, they are happy, or have a sudden influx of money, jump on the opportunity. That’s how to sell your car fast and make more money than you would at any other time.

Michael D. Forbes has made it his mission to help people learn how to sell their own car. As a former professional salesman he provides unique insights into how dealerships operate, how to maximize profit when you sell your own car, and how to enjoy the process.

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