Ahegao Merchandise Shop

Ahegao merchandise shop is a shop situated in Thiruvanatapuram that specializes in almost all kinds of fashion accessories and products. This shop is open from Tuesday to Sunday and offers discounts on all kinds of products and accessories. The owner of this shop is Subodhika Ravi who hails from Kottayam in Kerala. She started this shop along with her sister near Thriuvananthapuram. The two sisters opened their shop around the corner from the main road in Thriuvananthapuram after they got permission to operate this shop. Their success was so good that they decided to open a bigger Ahegao store.

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Products include clothes, shoes, handbags and many other things as well. These products are available for children below twelve years of age, women above eighteen years of age and men above forty years of age. Clothing categories include conventional clothes, evening clothes, wedding clothes, beachwear and many others. Branded collections include labels such as Baby Phat, Diesel, DKNY, D&G, Evisu and Emporio Armani.

Ahegao store is situated near the railway station and bus stand at Killarney. It is easy to get to as well as being connected to the major bus stations by express buses. There is a huge parking space and the entrance are quite close to the railway station and bus stand. There are a shopping mall as well as a small supermarket inside the shop.

The shop is located on a quiet street and the area around is usually clean. There are no huge buildings or structures near the area and there is very little traffic. This makes this area an ideal place to buy cheap and good quality products. The prices at Ahegao merchandise shop are very low compared to many other stores in Kerala. Most products are priced at fifty to one hundred percents less than the market price Ahegao Shirt.

The Ahegao store has a wide variety of products including clothes, shoes, accessories and a lot more. There are branded products as well as unbranded products that are available at Ahegao. The store sells almost all kinds of products made of fabrics such as silk, cotton, jute and synthetic material. Clothes, shoes, bags, swim wear and a lot more are available at very low prices. The store is also known for selling electronic goods.

The store is located near the airport and is easily accessible from the railway station as well as the bus stand. There is a big parking space as well as a huge showroom where you can select your desired product. Some of the popular brands that are sold at Ahegao include Diesel, Evisu, DKNY, D&G and many others. It is well worth visiting if you want to buy a good quality brand for reasonable prices.

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