Exposing India’s Weaknesses

India’s soft attitude towards the biggest menace of terrorism has been taken as an advantage by the militants. Ten terrorists could easily board a ship in Pakistan with a huge amounts of arms and ammunition and sail in the Arabian ocean for several days without being caught by the naval security authorities either in Pakistan or in India. In addition to this this small group of terrorists created a sensation in Mumbai as seen in the hollywood horror movies. According to eye witnesses they carried the most modern arms like AK-47 riffles, Pistols, magazines, etc. They are tech-savvy and were drugged as reported in the press. To counter them in Mumbai’s railway station the police constables who were ill equipped with arms used lathis and ordinary pistols and hence had to lose their lives. Thus nobody could stop them from firing indiscriminately on innocent citizens which include even children on 26th November 2008 in Mumbai Rajasthan Police Constable Result 2021.

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The country’s political leaders have been receiving a lot of criticism from the citizens of India for their inaction to solve this menace of terrorism, though the country has been the victim of terrorism since long. The citizens opined that only the politicians enjoy the highest security where as the common man has been suffering a lot due to lack of security. Some citizens have even decided not to vote in the forthcoming 2009 general election in protest against poor governance.

The following are the various important causes for frequent attacks by terrorists in India:

1. Huge geographical extent of the country. It’s very difficult to monitor each and every person hence anything can happen at any time any where in India.

2. Proximity to Islamic countries which aid and encourage terrorism.

3. Kashmir problem with Pakistan. This issue has not been solved since India’s independence!.

4. lack of co-ordination among various surveillance agencies like naval security authorities and the coast guards Rajasthan Patwari Admit Card 2021.

5. Ill equipped security authorities. For instance, the national security guards and its commandos had to come from New Delhi to Mumbai as Mumbai city does not have any commando hubs except state’s commandos.

6. Lack of reforms in police department. Police force does not have any freedom and frequently being interfered by the political bosses. Hence people are demanding autonomy to police forces.

7. According to some critics modern technology is yet to be introduced in the country’s defense system. Whereas the terrorists which attacked India were well equipped with GPS, Satellite phones, and other most modern equipment. Now many questions arise, how did they get all modern weaponry, who financed them, where from did they acquire, where did they store, etc.

8. One of the most important reasons is said to be ineffective political system. The political leaders are lacking imagination and also criticized for their inaction and selfish nature. In India even criminals can easily become law makers. The present Loksabha contains certain proportion of law makers who have criminal background. The political parties give tickets to the candidates who can win the elections but not based on who can serve the country and other characteristics.

9. Most of the vital locations do not have proper security checks due to lack of resources. How could these terrorists easily enter into one of the world famous hotels, The taj in Mumbai with heavy amount of arms and ammunition?.

10. Lack of imagination among the bureaucrats and the politicians. According to some critics the warnings by terrorists were not taken seriously. The Maharashtra fishermen association too informed about the smuggling of RDX and other dangerous and lethal weapons.

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