STD Testing at Home

If you are suffering from Syphilis or another sexually transmitted disease and want to be tested for it, but are reluctant to go to a STD testing center, there are some reliable alternatives available. Syphilis is treatable in most cases with medication, but it is often ignored due to shame or fear of having to go through painful and expensive treatments. That is why testing for this STD at home is an option.

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STD testing at home is done via several methods. Many methods are similar to the results provided by STD clinics, but with lower costs and more privacy. Clients can test for Syphilis at home for a number of reasons: for privacy reasons, to save money, or to test for another disease that they might have been exposed to in the workplace. Many STD testing at home options are very affordable. In fact, many people find that it is less expensive to test online rather than going to a STD testing center.

One type of at-home STD testing commonly offered is the at-home chlamydia and gonorrhea testing kits. These testing kits are offered at many local drug stores. Clients can collect their own samples at home and then return them along with proof of a signed consent form to the pharmacist. There is no need to visit an STD clinic to get these tests, and results are usually available in about a week std test kit.

Other STD at-home testing kits include bacterial vaginosis testing and HIV testing. These STD at-home testing kits are offered at drug stores as well. Both of these testing kits are offered at reasonable prices and do not require a doctor’s prescription. Because these STD testing kits are offered at drug stores, they are convenient for anyone who is self-conscious about showing symptoms of an illness. Also, individuals do not need to worry about having to drive a long distance to an STD testing center or make multiple trips home before testing positive for a particular STD.

Another type of STD at-home kit is called a nurx or pre-saline flu shot. This kit is intended to be used within three days of actually planning to go to an STD testing center. Many people mistakenly believe that a nurse or pre-saline flu shot is designed only for those who plan to attend a STD clinic, but this is not true.

Several STD clinics offer both nurx and lab-based testing online. In most cases, the two types of STD testing can be done through an online account instead of a trip to the STD testing center. The online account can be accessed by anyone, and results are immediately available. An online account allows clients to save time by ordering from their computer rather than walking into a STD clinic. Clients can view test results on their screen or by emailing them to themselves. Many STD clinics also offer multiple forms of payment options, which can include a credit card, a check, or a debit card.

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