Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It

Do you have a fear of flying? Here are some tips so that you can overcome your fear of flying. In today’s fast-paced environment, every one of us has to travel by plane for business or for personal reasons, some time or the other in our lives even if we detest and are utterly scared of flying. Stagecoaches are old fashioned. Ships are outdated except when they are used to transport cargo. And trains, though still in vogue, may be on their way out in certain places. Besides, you can’t let an assignment wait because you are afraid of flying. If you do that you might lose a valuable client and with it, a valuable contract and along with that, your job whether you are working in a company or whether you are managing your own business.

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So if you have a fear of flying, what you have to do is not to avoid flying but to overcome your dread and fear of flying. Here is how you go about it.

• Take the Bull By the Horns – Board A Flight: Consider taking a flight for your next vacation. If you are on a business assignment, ask your secretary to book a flight ticket for you. If you are running your own business this should not be a problem. But if you are an employee in a company, you’ll get an air ticket only if you are a high ranking officer. In any case, do not shun flying. That will not help you to surmount your fear of flying. Try to board a plane for fulfilling an assignment, for closing a deal or if your objective is to enjoy the sun, sea and sand Belt and Road Initiative.

• Fly Light: Do not carry much luggage with you. Try to go for a short trip. At the most, you can carry one hand luggage and one main luggage, which will go into the cargo hold of the plane.

• Ensure that You Have Time: Check in, into the airport a couple of hours before departure so that there is enough time for security and baggage checks. Reaching the airport at the last moment can add to your anxiety and fear of flying if security personnel take long to get you through, choose to frisk you thoroughly.

• Follow Airport Instructions: Start walking towards the departure gate as soon as you hear the announcement made by airport officials that instructs passengers sitting in the departure lounge to walk towards the departure terminal. Get into the bus that will drive you to your plane or get into the aerobridge attached to the deck of the plane.

• Smile: Smile at the airhostess or flight steward who will greet you as soon as you board the plane. Smiling will make you feel lighter, happier and will help you to disperse your fear of flying.

• Avoid Flying Off the Handle: Try to find your seat yourself or ask a flight steward or an airhostess to direct you to your seat. Sitting on the wrong seat can lead to unnecessary scuffles with other passengers and can demoralize you before your flight takes off. I must warn you of one thing beforehand. Air travelers are not very well-behaved people.

• Your Fears are Baseless: Sit back and relax. You can pray a little if you want. But it is not compulsory because the plane WILL NOT CRASH. Remember one thing. The probability of an air crash is extremely low. But air crashes, whenever they happen, are blown out of proportion and are exaggerated into interesting media accounts and movies. In reality, the probability of a car or road or railway accident is much higher than the probability of an air crash. If you are that apprehensive on a plane, you should be even more apprehensive when driving a car or riding a train or when you are walking on the street. Because real statistics show that accidents on the road are not only far more likely than accidents in air but also that the total number of road accidents across the world exceed the total number of global air accidents by hundreds of thousands! So there is no substantial basis behind your fear of flying!

• Don’t Panic: When the plane starts moving, don’t get panicky. Tie your seat belt properly. If you are a first time flyer, let me tell you that tying your seat belt is the easiest thing in the world. You just have to take one end, put it around your waist, and fit it into the locker of the other end. You will hear a ‘click’ when that happens. Ask a steward or an airhostess to show you the way if you start fumbling. In any case, flight attendants tell you how to put on your seat belt while they are explaining the emergency exits to you. And besides, it is also mentioned in the chart (we shall deal with that in the next point). Accept the scented towel that the airhostess gives you and press it close to your face. The smell of the perfume in the tissue or the towel is so captivating that it will distract you from your fear of flying.

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