We Are Cinnamon

“We Are Cinnamon” is a very good book on many levels. First, it is an enjoyable read with colorful pictures of cinnamon in all its glory. Second, it is very good information on how to use cinnamon for the purpose you want it for. Third, it is a very good book on the history of cinnamon and what it can do for people. Fourth, it provides recipes that are easy to follow.

I enjoyed “We Are Cinnamon” because it was very easy to understand and really tells you the whole story. Dr. Mercola explains why cinnamon is so beneficial and then goes into explaining some of the many health benefits that come from cinnamon. He even goes into explaining why certain foods are better off eaten raw versus cooked. It is very good information and worth reading.

Another reason “We Are Cinnamon” is good is because it is very simple to read. There is no nonsense, medical code being involved. It is just plain good common sense. The book also uses many real life examples. These include how cinnamon has helped people in Africa to deal with the effects of AIDS. It also includes an account of a young lady who fell ill after using a cinnamon derivative to treat an ear infection We Are Caribou.

“We Are Cinnamon” will not change your view of cinnamon in any way. You will still think of it as a spice to spice up our lives. However, having this knowledge can benefit you in many ways. It can help to open your mind to new possibilities you may not have otherwise considered.

One of the things I really like about “We Are Cinnamon” is that it provides a different perspective than most books on the subject. Most books tend to downplay the positive benefits of cinnamon. This book goes out of the box and shows you all of the things cinnamon can do. It also provides some people with actual stories of when they used cinnamon as a treatment for whatever ailment they were suffering from.

The positive outlook of the book convinced me to give cinnamon a try. I did. Since then, I have been using cinnamon in several ways to make my life a bit more positive. This book has inspired me to spread the word about cinnamon.

I highly recommend “We Are Cinnamon” to anyone who has ever wanted to try cinnamon or who suffers from some form of chronic sickness or disease. The book has motivated me to share what I know. It may motivate you as well. The good news is that cinnamon does work for some people. If not, you can buy an eBook version of this book and read it from home.

I often think of cinnamon in terms of the carpenter’s crayon. When I am working on a new project, I look for the bright red crayon everywhere. If it is going to stand out, I use it. This book reminds us to be careful of the crayon. In fact, there are some things that you should never do with cinnamon.

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