What Are the Features of a Great Golf Hole?

I was playing golf recently when I came across a familiar hole that has given me quite a lot of grief during the past few rounds. It’s not a particularly difficult par five but a score can balloon to a seven or eight with a single mistake. I consider this a very good golf hole, and it got me thinking of just what it is that makes a great hole when we play golf. Obviously that’s an individual thing, and even professional golfers talk about great golf holes that for them are very difficult.

For the pros they look for holes that present a great challenge because they have the tools to deal with it. But for a 10 to 20 handicapper a hole such as that can be too great a challenge. And so for me those don’t represent great golf holes just because a professional golfer thinks it is. In my opinion the best golf holes represent options; ways that players of all levels can negotiate the hole by hitting shots that they are well capable of hitting.

For instance, if a player who normally plays bogey golf is given a sequence of shots that they should be able to execute on a regular basis, by making the proper choices they should be able to score a bogey. The scratch golfer by hitting shots he is capable of hitting should be able to score at minimum par, but there will be greater risk-reward trade-offs. In either case, by not executing the proper shots or making the right decisions could lead to a high score arsitek medan terbaik.

Using this standard it would not be possible for every hole on a golf course to be great. Certain things can be done with bunkers and other obstacles, but golf course architects have to use the terrain pretty much as it is. I think that every hole when possible should have those reward-options, and a golf course architect should be able to find at least two or three such holes that fit the bill.

When we look at some of the great Scottish courses and hear commentators say that it is unfair when they drive into a pot bunker that is located in the fairway with a massive drive. Hitting one of those bunkers might necessitate that the player have to actually hit the ball backwards in order proceed to the hole. But a golf hole like that brings out the strategy that should always be part of the game. The player can easily take that pot bunker out of play by intentionally hitting a shorter shot, but that will give him a longer shot into the green. The great golf holes should never be about just hitting the ball farther, but making good choices and executing good shots.

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