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Life quotes have been used for centuries to inspire and strengthen the will of its readers in order to achieve a certain goal; quotations are repeated and are based on other person’s statements or unique ideas coming from their own thoughts. Quotations are mainly spoken in a very unique and abstract way in which the speaker would speak in a very artistic way in which they use certain objects, events and terms to be used to compare with the topic which is talked about in the quotation. They are always enclosed on quotation marks to indicate that they are spoken by other persons, other writers and authors. Life quotes do speak of a lot of things which are under the sun, they may talk about love, success, genders, virtues, life, passion, friends etc. A lot of quotes have spoken about the ladies in whom they are compared to things, they are respected, and they are adored motivational quotes for work.

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Ladies’ quotes have been used widespread to inspire women from around the world and to teach men on how to treat a lady. Many popular people like politicians, celebrities, authors and athletes have spoken life quotes regarding women on how they should be respected and how their roles should be strengthened to enable them to enjoy their roles in the society and in the whole world.

An example of a ladies’ quotes goes like this “A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art.” Which is spoken by Louis Nizer, it clearly states that ladies should be treasured because it is a one of a kind gift each with their own roles in the family and in the society and as the lady grows old they have finally finished their jobs just like an artwork which is already done being painted by a painter, it used abstract terms which would make the listeners or readers think and finally figure out what the speaker is referring to.

Truly there are a lot of inspirational and motivational quotes for the ladies it can depend on the situation the lady indulges in whether they are first-ladies who are spouses of the president or maybe they are celebrities whose lives are always looked upon by the people, quotations maybe based on their very personal own experiences that could be very inspirational to others, they make sense if a listener would deeply analyze the context of those words released. Ladies would always have their own unique role in the society.

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