Retirement – Sick of the Boredom? Stay at Home and Start Living Life and Loving it!

Retirements are about endings and beginnings. You are just starting your retirement. You realize that you are not going to be able to live your life as you were. You are ending a life style of getting up, preparing for work, coming home, and then relaxing. Now, you are only getting up, preparing for nothing, never going out the door or returning, and you have the whole day to just relaxing. Boring! That’s right. You are bored. You have no ambition to do anything al all, and you are depressed.

What you don’t realize is that you are also at a beginning. The beginning of a new and wonderful life! Sure, you say, just what is so wonderful about this? I have less money, I have no interest. I am worried all the time. How will I make it? Will I have to depend on my family? My 401K lost so much. I almost have nothing left! All those years and hard work at saving for the time of my life are now gone. My life is nothing that I expected it to be

Does that sound like you? Well, take heart – you are not alone. You have a great deal in common with most all the baby boomers, the stay at home moms, and at home dads. They also worry all the time about how they can make it. How will they ever afford to send their children to college? Will they be able to hang onto their house? What about the repairs to their car? If they decide to get a job, will the car even make it there? Will there be enough food? The creditors are calling all the time. Make it stop!

How can you make it stop? An awesome answer is the internet. Internet based business is at a astonishing growth rate. There has never been a better time to enter into a new business. It is a well known fact that the most profitable business have been started during a recession. But you ask, which one is right for me? You see ads in the magazines, classified ads, and while searching the internet, that claim you can make hundreds thousands of dollars a month in various types of computers businesses.

Some claim you could make Big $$$ Fast in a turnkey internet business and that you didn’t need experience or even a computer. Another said that you could Make Big Money doing a various amount of easy things. Still another claimed you would have unlimited income potential if you started your business selling their product. Are any of these opportunities for real? Is it possible you really make thousands of dollars a month at home with your computer?

Good news! The answer is yes, you can work at home and make thousands of dollars a month with your computer. However, buying into a business opportunity such as the those described isn’t the way to make much money. And you certainly need a computer! Imagine an internet business without one? Poppycock!

The secret to developing a profitable business is to build a business based on your skills and interests, and to have the mentors to help you. You cannot start an online business without a teacher. Just as in your former life, you always need teachers. You have to be trained for the job. In any type of job, from machinist to bookkeeper (or anything in between), imagine doing that job without training. The thought is totally ridiculous!

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