Finding Hope in the Bible Verses

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast”, so said Alexander Pope but centuries before him, God had promised in Psalm 9:18 that the poor people will not be forgotten by him. He further says that if you are afflicted, your hopes will not be allowed to perish. When you lose faith in men, however trustworthy they are, you will tend to turn to God. If you are sincere in your faith for him and you sustain it, He will always lend a helping hand, irrespective of whether you have sinned but have nevertheless, reformed.

Do you think hope belongs to this life alone? It is to be conceded that this life is here and the eternal life is only a promise and no physical evidence exists to prove of its efficacy family bible verse. That is where the absolute faith should make its presence felt. Once your faith is complete and without doubts, whatsoever, hope will start springing in your breast. It is perhaps with this mind, God sent his only begotten son to suffer among men but exuding hope everywhere he went. Eternal hope in this life and then hereafter was taught by Him in many sermons.

The most profound sermon that Jesus ever gave was “The Sermon on the Mount”, which brims with hope for the future. Jesus categorizes people and grants them hope for their good deeds. Mathew 5, 6, and 7 can be considered the pivotal points in the whole bible. The rewards for men of wisdom are listed there. If it is not about hope for the future, what else is it?

Throughout the history of Israel, one recurring theme is hope. The sinning people of God have been punished by God. When, for example, God gave His people into the hands of Midianites, it was a deliberate act. They completely strayed from the path God had shown them to tread on. Idols became the center of their lives. For seven years, God left his people to their devices. The Midianites, the cunning breed, left God’s people with nothing, robbing their all. However, there was hope in one man whom God chose to be the representative among his fellow human beings. Gideon has his own doubts and inquires with God on how he could find hope amidst such desolation. God sends his angel and through him and many of his deeds, Gideon realizes God’s plans and finds hope that had been lost. He obeys God’s messenger’s ingenious plan for their redemption and they are set free.

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