What is Vivi Winkler All About?

Vivi Winkler is a professional bodybuilder and a former Miss Fitness USA. Recently, she has gained some notice in the fitness world for her role as a personal trainer on the television program “You’re My Best Friend.” What many people don’t know about her is that she began working out at age six and that she used to perform push-ups and sit ups until she could no longer do any of them. Now, she is a certified personal trainer.

Winkler has always had an interest in fitness and she pursued a degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of San Carlos. She did not take any classes in it however because she felt that college would limit her creative options. Instead, she worked in the gym with her dad as a strength trainer. The job helped her with her weight issues and it enabled her to develop a pretty athletic physique. She even considered becoming a track star in high school, but decided that being a professional fitness model was more fulfilling.

After college, Winkler became involved in Brazilian kickboxing. This led to an eleven-year stay in Brazil and a move to New York City Vivi Winkler. She worked with various modeling agencies and also appeared in ads for Reebok. Eventually, she landed jobs with The Limited, a trendy men’s fitness clothing line.

Today, Winkler is primarily active in the nutritional supplements industry. She has developed her own line of products and she works with both private label manufacturers and traditional distributors. She is due to launch a book on diet and nutrition next spring, and she has already written several best selling books on this topic. The book will be informative, entertaining, and promote a healthier lifestyle for women.

A very intriguing feature of Vivi Winkler is that she is not entirely self-employed. In fact, she describes herself as “a wife and a mother” and she says that she supplement’s her income with various part-time positions as a fitness model. Her current agency, Management Co., handles all of her photography, press releases, public appearances, and other business needs. She does most of her business through the internet.

One interesting fact about Vivi Winkler is that she is one of the few female fitness models who did not start out in the modeling industry. According to Winkler, she did not even know what a model was at the time she was cast as Star Jones on the popular ABC show “So You Think You’re Beautiful.” After that role ended, she did not consider herself a model any longer. Instead, she went into acting. Now, she is an accomplished fitness model and works hard to keep her physique fit and her heart healthy.

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