Home Cinema For The Technically Challenged

We are not all experts in the many technologies available for creating a Home Cinema. It can become a very complex task especially if you need to work to a budget. Of course for the rich and famous we have home cinema designers ready to take the strain, but lets assume money is tighter and we want to learn a bit ourselves.

What Is A Home Cinema?

A home cinema or home theatre, can be as simple or as complex as we desire, or can afford. The picture many of us have is of the celebrity home with the dedicated room with theatre seating, heavy curtains, and an array of dazzling hi-tech equipment that does who knows what. The term relates to recreating the conditions of the cinema / theater in our own home. In its most basic form you could have a television and DVD player hooked up to surround sound speakers digital cinema. Of course it can be a lot more complex. The following are some of the most common components of a home cinema system.

The Room.

It may simply, and most commonly, be your living room. Perhaps you have a room that you can use exclusively for your home theatre system, or you are building a purpose built space. For top end installations you can start to look at the acoustic properties best suited to your system. But any humble set up will get you started and even the most basic surround sound system will be a big improvement on your standard television.

The Equipment.

The Screen – can be your television, or a nice wide-screen HDTV. At the top end you can have digital home cinema projectors that will give that full theatre effect.

A Player – your DVD player or perhaps Blu-ray player ( PlayStation 3 can be used as a Blu-ray player). Projector systems can be linked to a computer to manage media presentations.

The Sound System – to have any real cinema effect you will need at least a basic surround sound system. These come in a multitude of different types and configurations. The more complex the set-up, the more expensive it will be. But you often get what you pay for, up to a point!

Home cinema technologies are developing at an incredible rate, this years latest thing will be left behind very quickly. As this happens the slightly older systems reduce in price dramatically making it possible to get started with a reasonable set-up without having to re-mortgage the house.

However you plan to plan to set-up your home cinema, get started today. You can always add to or update in the future. The results are truly amazing.

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