Massage – Addressing Nerve and Migraine Pain Without Turning to Medication

The benefits of acupuncture and massage have been well documented for well over a thousand years in a number of Asian cultures.  Until relatively recently, western cultures failed to take acknowledge these claims until science has begun to corroborate these ancient treatments.

Now, with arrogance put aside, more and more medical professionals and therapists routinely practice massage and acupuncture for a variety of debilitating conditions.  Many of these conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines, and nerve damage, are not curable as of yet.  The cause of these conditions and diseases are not yet known either.

The prescribed treatments for these conditions are rarely 100% effective.  Usually a combination of treatments are recommended with disappointing success rates. Asian Massage new york agency  The best an individual suffering from any of these conditions can hope for is an abatement of pain and discomfort through medicines and the use of massage or acupuncture.  

Both acupuncture and massage take advantage of the bodies pressure points and natural ability to heal and soothe, however, many people are very reluctant to take advantage of these services due to false preconceived notions of pain and suspicion.  It is quite normal to shun and fear what one does not understand.  The human body is quite literally a bundle of nerves.  Properly stimulated, these nerves, which are tied to the brain’s pain and pleasure centers by way of the spinal cord, release endorphins which prevent nerve cells from giving off pain signals.

The word endorphin: endo- meaning from within and -orphine, essentially a morphine like chemical from within the body which is naturally occurring.  By tapping into the bodies natural ability to relieve pain, masseurs and acupuncturists have been able to treat and alleviate all manner of problems and symptoms for thousands, if not millions of individuals for years.

There is nothing mystical about these practices.  For decades, professional football players have come to rely on the very real science of sports pain relief which includes massage.  Very often after an injury, the same player is right back on the field. 

Massage and acupuncture aren’t some miracle cure. Massage and acupuncture are ways to relieve the pain and stress from an otherwise debilitating condition in order to proceed through life in a normal manner.  Repeat treatments may be necessary as flare ups occur, but unlike many ineffective medicines, massage can always benefit the body in some way.

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