9 Tips to Belly Fat Loss

Belly fat is not only unattractive, but also very unhealthy. Neither men nor women feel sexy when they have excess fat in the belly area. Extra belly fat can cause bloating, diabetes, heartburn, heart disease, stroke, cancer and dementia. While belly fat is both ugly and unhealthy, there are ways to get loss the belly fat and feel attractive again.

• Eat more often: Researchers have proven that eating 5-6 small meals daily, will prevent you from overeating at meal times and boosts metabolism as it will be working around the clock.

• Don’t skip breakfast: When your body is sleeping it is essentially starving itself, and it slows down your metabolism. You burn less calories and energy, making it more difficult to loss the belly fat. Eating a big (but healthy) breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism again.

• Monitor the food you are eating: Keeping a record of what you eat and when will help keep you accountable to your diet and weight loss plan. If you have a cookie every night at 7pm, you many know why you can’t lose that extra five pounds you have been trying to shed for months.

• Exercise: cardiovascular exercise is great for losing weight, but don’t forget that strength training will help build muscle. Muscle  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is needed to help tone the body and help shape the belly area. Once you lose weight your body still needs to shape that belly area to make it look like you actually did loss the belly fat.

• Drink plenty of water: Drinking water will keep your body hydrated, which is a key element to losing belly fat. You will burn more calories if you’re hydrated and your body can rid itself of its toxins.

• Get plenty of sleep: Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep will give you more energy, boost your metabolism and make it easier to exercise and eat well. People who are well rested have higher metabolisms and feel better in general.

• Reduce alcohol intake: Reducing the intake of alcohol will help to speed up the way the body naturally burns fat. Since alcohol is a depressant it slows down all the organs, making it difficult for the body to burn fat and rid itself of toxins.

• Reduce stress: Getting rid of unneeded anxiety and stress is a great way to feel better. Feeling calm and content will make weight loss easier, which of course makes loss of belly fat even easier.

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