Affluent Market Embraces Smart Phones Tablets According to New Survey

About 65% of the affluent have access to one or more smart phones or tablets and another 34% have regular access to a computer according to a new Spring 2011 survey of the wealthiest 10% of US households. Only 1% of the affluent lack access to the internet.

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On average, 61% of the affluent own a smart phone and 22% own a tablet. With a population of about 22 million individuals in the 11.4 million households of the affluent, there is a potential untapped market for about 8 million smart phones (39% of the affluent) and 17 million tablets (78%) Realme X7 Max.

The incidence of ownership of a smart phone, and the type of phone, can vary substantially within the age, income, and net worth groupings. For example, 84% of the under 50 age group own a smart phone versus only 38% of the 60+ age group. Those with $200K+ income are almost twice as likely to own a smart phone (73% versus 40%) as those with less than $200K income, and they have a slight preference for the Blackberry whereas the lower income group favors the iPhone.

There are minimal differences by gender for ownership and brand preferences of smart phones and tablets. Ownership of tablets and both tablets and smart phones increases as age declines and as income and net worth increase. The iPad is favored by a margin of 4 or 5 to one over other tablets.

According to a new Spring survey of the affluent market, bout 18% of the affluent own both a smart phone and tablet. Ownership of both is highest among those under age 50 (32%), those with income of $250K+ (25%), and those with a net worth of $6M+ (37%).

Half (50%) of the affluent with a mobile device and/or computer participate in one of more of the types of social media. On average, they participate in about 1.5 types of the social media listed. Participation in social media declines as age and net worth increase. Men participate a bit less than women because they are much less likely to participate in Facebook (33% versus 49%). LinkedIn is somewhat more popular among those age 50 to 59 and those with a $200K+ income.

As might be expected, owners of both types of devices are most likely (70%) to participate in some form of social media. On average they participate in 1.8 types of social media. Those with access to only a computer are least likely (69%) to participate in some form of social media.

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