The Symptoms of Systemic Candidiasis

Systemic candidiasis is an infection that infects more and more people every year. Systemic candidiasis is also an infection that most of the sufferers don’t even realize they have until its too late. This is because the symptoms vary from person to person, and family doctors have no way of a diagnosis.

There are many symptoms associated with candidiasis (a yeast infection of the intestines) which include…

Gastro Intestinal problems such as: bloating, gas, intestinal Prostate Protocol cramps, chronic diarrhea, constipation, or heartburn
Chronic fatigue, especially after eating
Poor memory
Lack of concentration
Muscle pains
Rectal itching.
Allergies (including both food and air born)
Severe pre-menstrual syndrome
Memory loss, severe mood swings, and feeling mentally “disturbed”.
Recurrent fungal infections such as “jock itch”, athlete’s foot, or ringworm
Extreme sensitivity to chemicals, perfumes, smoke, or other odors
Recurrent vaginal or urinary infections
A feeling of being light headed or drunk after minimal wine, beer, or certain foods
Aching joints

The reason that all of these symptoms can occur is the fungal form of Candida punctures your intestinal walls with its rhizoids (hooks), and that allows toxins and small particles of food to enter your bloodstream.

Once this has happened these toxins and food particles start to basically poison your internal organs such as your liver and brain. This is why your concentration starts lapsing with what is called “brain fog.” Your liver is put under strain with the amount of toxins now being pumped around your body.

Usually by the time someone realizes they are suffering from systemic candidiasis it can be a long road to getting their health back to normal.

Food allergies are also a problem as these are caused by the particles of food that enter the bloodstream. It’s hard enough recognizing the symptoms, but to get back to proper health the foods someone is allergic too have to be eliminated from the diet.

Anti Candida Diet

An anti Candida diet is the next and only step to starting the road back to normal health. This has to be accompanied by an anti fungal program and a high quality probiotic supplement.

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