Rural to Urban World

I wonder why a lot of people want to stay in an urban area. A friend told me about her experience from rural to urban. Let us first define what a rural area is. A rural area usually is an undeveloped area; remote, farming place and forestland were you can see different kinds of plants, flowers and trees. This can be used as food, decoration, herbal remedies, and many more. In a rural area, you can always expect to inhale a fresh air, a quite environment, and a simple living. You can see grass grows, animals eats. You can sleep at night calmly and safe 송파스웨디시.

Now what is an urban area? It is a place where you can see big buildings, more networking, high tech gadgets, busy people, and very alive night life. She lives before in a rural area and now she is living in an urban place. Industrial area is equal to an urban region. In an urban area as my friend observe, people are always busy, neighbours do not know each other, and you cannot smell fresh air because different kinds of vehicle releases smoke, their is a high rates of crimes, cars accidents are everywhere because drivers drive even if their drunk, people are awake for twenty four (24) hours. That is why people living in an urban area are more stressed and prone to sickness and diseases than the people living in a rural region.

But “Urbanistas” or a person who live in city says that there is a solution for stressed. Urban areas have a lot to offer, if you are a person living in a fast-paced lifestyles then you need to go to spas. Get a massage, scrubs, treatments, water therapy, and yoga. That can make your life comfortable and relax. Health and wellness is a number one (1) priority today.

What makes you think is the reason of shifting and living in a place where she is not used to? She is a woman who is looking for a job and she cannot find it in their place. So, she tried to go to a city and found a job that fits for her. Now, she is happy and contented with her life. She is living in a city for almost three (3) years now.

Sometimes people want to explore new things for the benefit of their own. Sometimes they to do it to help their families. Sometimes they do it for an experience. Relocating is not a bad idea, it can make a good outcome or not. But it all depends in a person perspective in looking up things. You just have to look at it positively, I am very proud of my friend that she found her haven.

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