Great Hockey Players Are On The Internet

We all love great sports videos right? I remember when I was a kid they would have commercials on TV to order the best sports bloopers or the hardest hockey hits, or the greatest hockey fights. You know what I am talking about if you are over the age of 25. In today’s day and age, that’s all in the past. You no longer need to watch TV and commercials to find a place to watch some great sports stars. I’m talking about both known and unknown athletes here. Where can you find them you ask? Well, you can start at YouTube. YouTube has a wonderful archive of videos that are uploaded by users. There you will find all the classic moments in the sport of hockey. You will also be surprised to discover some new internet friendly athletes. Hockey athletes that is. Hockey News

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In the mid to late 90s roller hockey was booming. It was being featured on ESPN and had many teams. It was played differently than ice hockey and was supposed to be more exciting and faster. Well, there wasn’t enough of a push behind it and it kind of faded away. The sports networks tried to revive the sport of inline hockey again by airing pro beach hockey. Again, not many people took notice and it disappeared from the airwaves. For years many people wondered what happened to it. Roller hockey didn’t die and lived on through different organized leagues over the years. Some went bankrupt and some merged together. The diehard fans will always know what’s going on with the sport and most people think of NARCH when they think pro roller hockey.

That was then and this is now. Its 2011 and roller hockey is booming on the internet. It has found its fanbase thanks to YouTube. There are a ton of roller hockey player hockey videos out there and the name that is on the top of the list that sticks out is Itan Chavira. All you have to do is search the internet for Itan and you will find articles and other information on him. His hockey dangling videos get thousands of comments and he is quite popular. Its no wonder that he’s sponsored by Reebok hockey. He’s not the only one out there though there are more roller hockey stars and its all thanks to the world wide web. Inline hockey is in a much better place now and it is all thanks to these great hockey players on the internet.

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