Your Test Scores and How Much They Really Matter

Many students think that if they do not have the required SAT or ACT score that a certain school requires, they will not get accepted. The admission officer of the college you are applying for will for sure look at your SAT score. They will look at the score even before they look at your high school transcript. The goal is not to look at the score to see if you make the cut or not. She will not look at the score and if you are 20 points away from their required score, just throw your application in the trash.

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As we have discussed in previous articles, the SAT is designed to show your ability to handle college courses. The ACT measures your ability in specific subjects. Colleges generally look at these test scores as guidelines to follow. If you have taken these tests two or three times over the past few years, it shows where you were and where you are now. Universities like to see that the student has progressed over their four years in high school. Colleges and universities use these test scores to group students and their abilities.

Do not mistake what I’m saying. If you have a 1400 SAT score in comparison with a previous score of 1200, then this will stand out highly to the admissions officer. However, there will not be much difference in a 1200 or a 1240 in the eyes of the college. Generally, most colleges look at your individual math and reading scores as separate scores. You will not be known as the student who got a 1400, but you will be known as the student who got an 800 in math and a 600 in reading.

If you are majoring in engineering, then you will want to make sure you show a strong ability in math. If you are interviewing with a college admissions officer, you already have your major picked out, and you show’s strengths and areas required for that major, other lower scores can be looked over. You cannot have a 400 in reading and then 800 in math. This shows a drastic difference in your abilities. However, if there is only a 100 or 200 point difference, this is look upon more favorably.

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