What Are The Compliance/Enforcement Considerations For Gluten-Free Products

The Gluten-Free Rule allows food free of gluten by nature to bear a gluten-free labeling claim provided it meets all FDA requirements for a gluten-free food. The rule also allow manufacturers to place the voluntary gluten-free claim anywhere on the food label as long as it does not interfere with the mandatory labeling information. Compliance/Enforcement […]

If You Want a Flat Belly, This Is The Worst Food You Can Ever Eat

If you really want a flat belly, the worst food you can ever eat is the food that you love the most. The food you simply cannot resist…You know what I’m talking about… I guarantee the foods you and I simply cannot resist are not carrot sticks. In fact, these foods are ones that cause […]

Discover Guilt-Free Eating: Keep Your Blood Sugar Balanced

Have you ever experienced a sugar rush? Chances are you have many times. It feels great during the rush, but there will always be a crash right after. Believe it or not, preventing these wild fluctuations in your blood sugar can make the difference between eating for physical hunger and out of control overeating. The […]

Causes of Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

A vaginal yeast infection, also called vaginal candida is a fungal infection that develops inside of the vagina. Natural microorganisms in the vagina decrease the growth of candida, unless an infection occurs. An increased amount of fungi in this area, will eventually develop into a yeast infection. Nearly 75% of women will experience this condition. […]

Tinnitus Cure – 6 Steps To Peace

Many people think that tinnitus is a rare condition that really only affects the aged. Experience now tells us that this assumption is not correct. Millions upon millions of people across the world from all walks of life and in varying age groups complain of hearing clicking, buzzing, whooshing and ringing sounds in either one […]

The Single Biggest Key to a Natural Diabetes Treatment

Who else would like a natural diabetes treatment that actually gets diabetes or pre diabetes under control? That seems like a tall order. About half the population of adults in middle age (45 to 70) will struggle with diabetes. The rate is increasing. And the consequences are potentially devastating – kidney disease, blindness, and possible […]

Considerations When Working With A Young Horse/Pony

If you want a relationship with your animal you have to address the problem of approachability. One of the best ways to achieve it, is to have patience and devote the time. An old ‘horsey’ saying is, ‘never put a novice owner with a novice horse’, however it all depends on the willingness of the […]

Take Precautions Even When Using a Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

Natural male enhancement supplements are safer and deemed more effective than artificial ones. They often deliver no negative effects, which makes them the best option when wanting to take pills. But although these enhancement supplements are natural and usually pose no threat, it is best to take precaution when using any type of enhancement pills. […]